Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learn a New Language with Rosetta Stone for Free

If you made a New Years Resolution, chances are you have already strayed from your path.  Whether it was a diet, to go traveling, or spend less time working, you probably find it hard to continue your resolution for the entire year let alone the first month of the year.  Why not start with something small that is both obtainable and useful?  Why not learn a new language?

Rosetta Stone makes this daunting task seem easy and actually kind of fun.  Learn just about any popular language from Spanish to Chinese to even Hebrew.  Maybe you'll be traveling to a foreign country soon...why not learn the native language before you get there?  Rosetta Stone makes it possible, and better yet, I can show you how to get it for free.  You will be starting your first lesson in no time.

You will be downloading the software using a Torrent, so if you are unfamiliar with this process, read my Torrent tutorial post first.

1) Download this Torrent from  

2) When you open the Torrent file, you will see a list of languages with a corresponding level.  Most languages have levels 1, 2 and 3.  If you wish to learn only one of the languages, simply uncheck all of the languages you are not interested in, otherwise it will take forever to download since they are all fairly large in size.  Make sure you download the .exe files no matter what languages you choose.

3) While that is downloading, you will need a free virtual drive installed such as MagicDisc or Virtual Clonedrive.  Either one will do and both serve the same purpose.

4) After the download is finished, run the Rosetta Stone 3.4.5 setup file.  After setup completes, do not run the software yet.  Proceed to step 5.

5) Copy and paste the Rosetta Stone Version 3 crack file into the Rosetta Stone installation folder under your program files.  It will ask you if you want to overwrite a file already currently in the folder and you want to do so.  You are replacing the Rosetta Stone program file with a cracked Rosetta Stone program file.

6) Run the cracked Rosetta Stone file you pasted into the program file folder.

7) If at any point during the installation of the program or a language does it ask if you want to update, do not update anything!  Just cancel any updates if it asks, and it will.

8) You now need to install your desired language into the software.  To do this, go to the download folder and find the level 1 .iso file of the language you wish to install. 

9) Right click on that file and select Mount.  This will make the Rosetta Stone program think there is a language disc in the drive, which is necessary for proper installation.

10) Now open the Rosetta Stone .exe file if it's not already open.  Click "Install a Language".

11) Select the file from the mounted drive and allow the installation process to complete (which takes roughly 10 minutes).

12) Repeat this process for the rest of the levels, or if you just want to start with level 1, you are finished and may begin the first lesson.

13) Enjoy the free learning tool!

You will need a microphone and speakers for the best results.  If your laptop has a built in microphone that will work perfectly, if not you will need to purchase a cheap microphone headset if you wish to practice the speaking parts of the lessons.  

Comment below with any questions or problems you may encounter along the way.


  1. What should you do if when running the cracked version you get error 2120 messages

    1. Did you copy the crack into the correct folder?

  2. There are alot of locked features it seems? It's asking me for product registration. I didn't update anything like the post says. Any suggestions?

  3. The cracked file is supposed to take care of those issues so my guess is you have the crack in the wrong folder or didn't use the crack file to start the program.

  4. Do you have any suggestions for attempting all this on a Mac?

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac so I cannot provide any assistance with getting this program to work on a Mac. If you do find a solution, post it here because I'm sure other Mac users have the same question you do. Good luck

  5. Completed unit 1 core lessons one and two. Its now showing me that the rest of its locked. How do I access these?

  6. How come it won't let me install spanish 4 and 5. When i do, it just says error 3221: Please update

  7. The bitorrent link is no longer working, any way I could get a hold of a working one?